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Answers to questions about our service as well as answers that you may have about taking the official FAA Written Test.



Why are you offering these practice tests free?
There really isn't a catch! This site is sponsored and paid for by MyPilotStore.com.  Hopefully, you'll consider them the next time you need any pilot supplies (test prep books, Headsets, Flight Bags, Aviation Charts, etc.).

Are these practice tests the same as the real test that I'll take?
The questions and answers that are used on MyWrittenExam come directly from the FAA.  We update our question bank as soon as we are notified by the FAA that new questions have been added or replaced.  Each practice test on MyWrittenExam contains random questions from the actual test bank.  For example, the actual Private Pilot - Airplane test contains 60 questions so the practice test on MyWrittenExam contains 60 random questions from the FAA question bank of over 900 possible questions for that test.  We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of these practice tests, but they are only practice and we are not liable for any inaccuracies or omissions.

Where can I get study guides for the Written Exams?
From many places, but we recommend MyPilotStore.com.  Click here for links to all the test prep material you'll ever need.

Can I compare my results with other people who have taken the same test on MyWrittenExam?
Yes!  That's one of the great things about MyWrittenExam.  Not only do you get to take the tests free and compare your results against your past results, but you can see how you measure up with pilots from around the world who have taken our practice tests.  We also show you the most commonly missed questions for any test.

I want to let my Instructor know about the score I just received on a practice test - can you email him for me?
At the end of each test the complete results are automatically emailed to you and you can also choose to have them emailed to anyone else you like, including your instructor.  This is completely optional and, unless you choose to tell someone, your test results will remain completely confidential.

What are the requirements to take an FAA Airman Knowledge Test?
We've listed all of the official FAA requirements, along with some test taking tips and hints, right here, but in a nutshell, all you really need is an endorsement from a certified ground school, high school, college, adult education program, US Armed Force, ROTC Flight Training School, Civil Air Patrol, or flight instructor.

What can I bring with me to take the test (i.e. calculator, etc.)?
A complete list of approved calculating devices can be found here.

How long is my official test valid for?
Airman Test Reports are valid for the 24-calendar month period preceding the month you complete the practical test. 

What happens if I don't pass the official test?
If you receive a grade lower than 70 percent and wish to retest, you must present the following to testing center personnel.

  • failed Airman Test Report; and
  • a written endorsement from an authorized instructor certifying that additional instruction has been given, and the instructor finds you competent to pass the test.

Where can I find an FAA designated testing center?
A complete list of all the testing centers around the USA can be found here.

I think you're wrong!  You said the answer I gave was incorrect, but I'm pretty sure it was correct.
We have a test bank with thousands of questions and tens of thousands of answers and, while we make every effort to ensure the accuracy, human error is a possibility.  Let us know about it by sending us the question text and the answer you think is correct.  We'll get back to you right away.




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