Private - Airplane  

The Private - Airplane test contains 60 questions and you are allowed 150 minutes to complete the test.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Many of the questions on this test contain pictures and graphics that you must reference in order to answer the question.  If you don't have a test book, you'll need to obtain the graphics now

Each practice test will contain different questions.  The FAA maintains a question bank of almost 1000 questions that we use to make up your practice test.  Take the practice tests as often as you like - no two are the same.

To answer questions you can either use your mouse or the keyboard.  Press A, B, or C to select an answer and press Enter to move to the next question.

During the test you will not receive any indication of a right or wrong answer, however at the end of the test you will be given an overall grade, a grade in each knowledge area, a list of questions that you answered incorrectly, and a comparison of your result to the results of other people on MyWrittenExam.com that have taken the same test. 

We automatically save your progress after you answer each question.  So, if you lose your connection to the Internet or something happens to your computer, just come back and pick up where you left off.  You can also manually stop any test by clicking on the picture of the stop sign. All tests in progress are automatically closed after thirty days.

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